Wines Reds And Purples – Indulge In Your Favourite Festive Shade of Sarees

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As the winds turn chilly and the air frosty, it is time again to celebrate the holiday season. It is time to revel in festivities of Christmas and New Year. If there is one hue that stands out in this season of merry making, it is red. From Santa Claus to bejeweled Christmas trees, decorated homes, food and wine, red and its myriad shades paint our perception of the holiday season, making it happy and bright.

At Bluelilys, we draw inspiration from these hues and shades of the holiday season and lend a twist to your ethnic wear wardrobe. As you revamp your closet and fill them with the latest picks, here are our favourite five from the collection of sarees in wines, reds, and purples.

Red Color Plain Chanderi Saree With Unstitched Fulkari Blouse


The first and foremost colour of the holiday season that comes to the mind is the bright red of Santa Claus and the mistletoe berries. The hue has a lively and cheerful vibe that can brighten up any chilly winter day. This chanderi silk saree exudes a warm and radiant feel with a similar red colour. Paired with an off white phulkari blouse, this saree become a must have piece for a stunning style this festive season.

Wine Shade Super Net Saree With Satin Border


No holiday dinner is complete without wine, and it is one drink whose colour has an unmistakable allure. We borrow the beauty of this shade and give the six yard wonder a beautiful twist. This saree is every bit ethnic and stylish at the same time – the deep wine body is contrasted by a bright copper zari that brings on a lively feel. A great pick for getting dressed to any function this season. Made from super net material, it is gossamer light and easy to drape.

Dark Magenta Self Weave Saree


Among the many gift wraps and decorations that adorn a Christmas tree, magenta is a colour that strikes your eye. We bring the hue to your wardrobe with this self – weave saree in a dark magenta shade. It is contrasted by a fine golden zari and is teamed up with a blouse in a matching golden colour. This saree stands out with its subtly rich design and gives you a simple yet sophisticated style.

Purple Color Fulkari Saree With Golden Thread Work Blouse


When the colours of the holiday season combine with traditional Indian handicraft forms, sarees such as these are born. This six yard wonder features a phulkari body in purple colour and rows of circular designs. Complementing the body is a chequered zari in dull gold colour and a blouse piece in net base and thread work. A great pick for elegant dressing any day.

Magenta Soft Jute Net Saree


Who can forget Christmas candies and their lively hues? This saree in jute net material borrows from the colour of candies and combines it with an attached gold and black border with thread work design to create a unique festive piece. With a matching self – weave blouse in golden and beige colour, this saree becomes an apt choice for glamorous dressing on occasions like evening gatherings and wedding receptions.