5 Luxurious Raw Silk Salwar Suits to Pick This Season

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Salwar suits and churidar sets are a staple in any woman’s wardrobe. These outfits are beloved companions for those ladies who are not particularly fond of sarees, but love wearing clothes that are ethnic in nature. Salwar suits are a great asset for formal and festive occasions alike, and allow for customization especially when bought as unstitched sets. This also adds to their appeal among ladies who prefer bespoke and well-fitted clothing. Among the many options available, salwar suits in raw silk are an enticing lot. With Diwali round the corner, Bluelilys brings to you 5 select pieces in this material, with diverse mix and match pairing so that you can don the style of your choice with ease.

Pairing In Plain

The simplest, the easiest and probably the most common way to flaunt a raw silk suit piece is to use contrasting top and bottom, along with a plain dupatta with simple woven patterns. This sea blue suit in raw silk is combined with a slate grey bottom and dupatta, which comes with simple woven design on either end in beige colour. Pick this design if you love contrast and yet like to keep it simple and stunning.


Printed Musings

Yet another way to turn heads with a raw silk suit is by using bright and diverse colour combinations on the outfit. This mustard yellow salwar suit is paired with a sea blue bottom that gives the piece a lovely vibe and makes it a perfectly vibrant choice for any festivity. The piece comes with a chanderi silk dupatta that boasts of printed designs in multiple hues, and floral and geometric patterns; lending the outfit an enticing appeal. If all things bright and loud is your style, pick this salwar suit, and you’re sure to make lasting impression wherever you go.


Sensuous Stripes

The deep hues and royal appeal of raw silk gets balanced perfectly when paired with light or neutral shades in different fabrics. This salwar suit comes with a royal blue top in raw silk with a rich look and feel. Paired with an off white bottom and striped, chanderi silk dupatta with golden border, this piece is just perfect for those ladies who love to flaunt an aura that is cut above the rest.


Multihued Prints

A great way to accentuate raw silk salwar suits is by pairing them with multihued dupattas. This piece comes with a magenta top and a black bottom and is teamed up with a bright multi-colour dupatta with random, all-over prints. This lends the outfit a modern appearance and is perfect for women who love stylish trends. If you want something fancy, this piece should definitely be your pick.


Embroidered Elegance

Raw silk and embroidery go hand in hand, complementing each other and accentuating the beauty of the outfit manifold. This unique salwar suit comes in a lively green top and is paired with a deep blue bottom. The dupatta, with its off white base and golden border, sets the perfect back drop for the simple, print – and – embroidery design in blue and green hues. This piece is perfect for ladies who like to maintain a simple and elegant style.



Spruce Up Your Salwar with Pretty Embroidered Dupattas

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Drape it around your neck, pleat and pin it up on one shoulder, or leave it carelessly around your torso – no matter how you wear this piece, a dupatta is an indispensable part of your salwar suit. This ‘separate’ completes your attire and peps up the fashion quotient by either blending in with the remaining costume or by standing out as an eye-catching, contrast piece. An element that enhances the beauty of these ‘shawls’ or ‘chunnis’ as they are colloquially called, is thread work or embroidery. Bluelilys brings you a mesmerizing collection of such salwars teamed with thread work and embroidered dupattas. Here are our favourite five from the ensemble.

# 1 – Floral Fusion

Flowers constitute popular motifs and designs on any embroidered piece. This salwar suit with an orange-red top and beige bottom in jute comes with a dupatta exhibiting floral thread work design that create borders and interesting body patterns. Featuring flowers in alternating red and blue hues tied together with green leaves and stems, this separate is best worn in the pleat-and-pin style.


# 2 – Beauty in Black and Beige

Black is a majestic colour that serves as the perfect base for embroidery in contrast hues. This resplendent salwar in net kota derives its beauty from the black dupatta that showcases an elaborate, semi-circular thread work in beige colour on either border. This piece is created to blend in with the black top that features a similar thread work pattern, while being contrasted by a plain, beige hued bottom. Flaunt this dupatta in a free-flowing style, and you are sure to rock a breathtaking ethnic look.


# 3 – Flowers All Around

Dupattas many a time enhance the appeal of a simple looking salwar suit. The same is the case with this chanderi silk suit in white with red and blue striped embroidery. This simply beautiful piece gets a rich twist with a red dupatta that is replete with floral, all-around embroidery. Show off the floral beauty in style by pinning up the dupatta on one shoulder and leaving it in a free-falling style.


# 4 – Fascinating Foliage

Foliage designs bring forth an interesting appeal to fabrics when they get converted into thread work or embroidery designs. This simple slate grey and white salwar suit in jute gets an opulent make over with a white dupatta featuring an intricate foliage thread work of a similar grey colour. Complemented by a thin gold border, this dupatta elevates the simple suit into an ornamental one suitable for any festive occasion.


# 5 – Dancing Lady

Human and character based motifs, like floral ones, form interesting patterns on embroidery. This noil jute salwar suit with a teal green top and cream bottom gets an ethnic twist with the cream coloured dupatta featuring teal green embroidery. The ‘dancing lady’ thread work patterns lend an extra feminine touch to the salwar suit and gather you compliments wherever you go.


Let Plain & Solid Hues do the Talking: 5 Chic Sarees to wear this Festive Season

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Sarees give you a plethora of options to get dressed up in. From simple and elegant to royal and elaborate, this attire is available in a wide array of designs and colours that make it your perfect companion to any occasion, be it formal or informal. Among the different variants of this ‘Desi’ attire that are available, plain sarees find a special place in every woman’s heart and wardrobe alike. Bluelilys brings you a collection of 5 exquisite, plain sarees complemented by trendy mix-n-match blouses. With the festive season in full swing, these six yard wonders are sure to give you an extra dose of confidence, as you make a style statement at every occasion.

Brilliant Blue

Blue is a hue that brings about a tranquil and calm feel. In deeper shades, the colour has the ability to bring about a royal and regal vibe. This net kota saree in deep blue has just about the right amount of brilliance in it to give you the look and feel of Desi Diva. Teamed with a golden embroidered blouse set on a blue net base, this saree is your best bet for a stunning look this festive season.

Ravishing Red

Red is a colour that stands out in any crowd. A “Bharatiya Nari’s” wardrobe is incomplete without a saree in this bold hue that signifies prosperity and sensuousness. This bright red saree in chiffon material is the perfect companion to bring out a bold look and create a statement of power. Paired with a trendy cut work blouse in golden colour, this saree is sure to garner you a lot of attention where you go.


Pretty Pink

Pink is a colour that is generally attributed to, and used extensively by women. From lighter hues like baby pink to brighter or darker ones like candy pink and cherry pink, this color inevitably lends a ladylike quality to any object it adorns. This bright pink chiffon saree with a dull gold border brings out an unmistakable feminine feel. Paired with an embroidered blouse in gold sequin and pink thread, this attire transforms you into nothing less than a fashionista.


Gorgeous green

Green is a colour that evokes a feeling close to nature. The colour has an enlivening vibe that brightens up any occasion. This light green chiffon saree features golden borders of different widths on either side, and comes with a sequin work blouse in a similar golden colour. This six yard piece boasts of a rejuvenating green hue that adds a refreshing touch to your style.


 Bold Black

The beauty of the colour black lies in its ability to create an enticing aura of mystique about the wearer. This black chiffon saree with a dull gold bold is the perfect accompaniment to your evening get-together. Paired with golden embroidery blouse on a black net base, this attire peps up your glamour quotient and adds an allure that is impossible to miss.


Stay Ahead Of the Saree-Fashion Curve with Trendy Mix-N-Match Blouses

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A blouse is the one component of your attire that can either make or break your look in a saree. The six yard beauty with running blouses is no longer preferred among the fashion forward. Instead, those with mix n match, designer blouses are the whole new rave. Plain and simple sarees get transported to a whole new level with this pairing, and give you a style that is hard to miss. Here are 5 picks from the Bluelilys collection of mix-n-match sarees that is sure to turn heads at any occasion.

An unusual mix of ‘leaves’

Sarees in off whites and creams give you a look that is filled with poise and finesse. The hue, though often preferred among aged ladies, can look equally stylish when worn by young women. This cream, jacquard net saree with leaf design is bound to bring a calm and composed aura about you. When combined with a gorgeous red blouse in golden-leaf embroidery, this attire makes you a ravishing beauty.


For the love of foliage

Dark and deep blues have a tranquil yet regal appeal about them. This deep blue chanderi silk saree boasts of golden embroidery with foliage patterns, which runs all through the body. Paired with a dull gold and cream lace-work blouse with leaf designs, this attire gives you just the right amount of confidence you need when flaunting a mix n match style.


Plain and print wonder

Nothing beats the beauty of a solid colour saree with a plain gold border, and nothing gets more boring than pairing this beauty with a running blouse of the same design. Precisely why, at Bluelilys, we give an unprecedented twist to this saree by teaming it up with a white blouse piece with an all-over print design. The combination, as off-beat as it can get, gives you the look and style of a model, straight out of a fashion magazine.


Stripes and checks

Geometric patterns make interesting additions on fabrics and garments, and the case in no different with the traditional Indian attire. This saree showcases an elegant, striped pattern of white and gold in chanderi silk. Combined with a pink and gold blouse in chequered pattern, the duo gives you just the right amount of contrast while keeping it subtle.


Plain and print reversed

A plain saree with a printed blouse is fairly popular, and at Bluelilys, we give you a reverse twist to this combination. This white, kota silk saree is rich in a multi colour, floral print design, and is paired with a contrast blouse piece in solid, bright pink colour. The saree is a perfect choice for ladies who don’t shy away from loud designs, and love flaunting all things bold and vivid.


5 Reasons Why Your Wardrobe Should Have A Kalamkari Piece

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Kalamkari is a type of Indian textile that is hand-painted or block-printed. Translating into pen and craftsmanship respectively, Kalamkari has Indian and Persian roots, and is extensively found and practiced in Andhra Pradesh and other parts of the county. For people who love all things classy and ethnic, this printed fabric is an inevitable part of their trousseau. Here’s a look at five reasons that make Kalamkari the most adorable and lovely product in your wardrobe.

# 5 – Subtly rich

The beauty of Kalamkari comes from its intricate designs and colours that evoke an earthy, natural feel. Devoid of shimmer and shine, this fabric is rich in subtle grandeur and exudes a classic charm. This character of Kalamkari makes it apt for people who dislike loud and vibrant designs and stick to the simple basics when getting dressed.

# 4 – Ethnic Allure

Kalamkari, being a traditional Indian textile in enriched with ‘desi’-ness in every warp and weft that makes it. From flora and fauna based patterns to those of Gods and traditional figures, Kalamkari lends an exclusive touch of ethnicity to your dressing style. These fabrics are graceful every bit, and come from artisans who put in extensive effort to bring out creations with a soul.

# 3 – Natural fabrics

The print or pen work in Kalamkari is predominantly done on natural fabrics, per se cotton. This textile form, at times, can also be found on silk base, which lends it a regal look. Since they are made from natural materials, Kalamkari clothes are skin-friendly, and a lot more comfortable to wear than their synthetic counterparts. This also makes the fabric an apt choice for the Indian weather and climactic conditions.

# 2 – Fit for all ages

Kalamkari fabrics and clothes transcend age boundaries. Kalamkari showcases subdued hues of red, blue, green, yellow, and black in simple and visually motifs and patterns. This imparts a character to the print that make it look as lovely on a little one’s frock as on a young woman’s kurti, or grandma’s saree.

# 1- Can be styled any way

Kalamkari may have loads of ethnicity around it, but it is also one of those ‘Indian’ fabrics that can be styled with a Western outfit to bring in the crossover look easily. Think Kalamkari culottes, waistcoats, jackets – all of these garments look equally stunning and feature a special, stylish, Indo-Western twist apt to bring about a trendy look, and an enticing fashion statement.

5 ‘God’s Own Styles’ to Help you Stand out at Onam Celebrations

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As God’s Own Country gears up to welcome its harvest festival Onam, it is time to rejoice in festivities with food, fun, frolic, and above all, new clothes. It is time also to look fashionable and flaunt your style with confidence in Kerala Saree (Kasavu Saree) or Set Mundu (2 piece dhoti set for women that can be draped similar to a saree), the traditional attire of the Malayalam speaking state. Here are five unique styles to try out with God’s own clothing this festive season.

Demure Goddess – This style relies on simplicity to evoke the eternal beauty in a woman. To achieve this look, pick an off-white Kerala Saree or Set Mundu with plain gold zari. Pair it with the traditional coin necklace/pendant and earrings in real gold, and rest assured, you will exude the beauty of the divine goddess.

Bejewelled Beauty – Add a pop of color to your costumes and celebrations with this look. Pick a saree with border in contrast colour and gold, and team it up with a silk blouse of the same combination. Accessorize with necklace, earrings, and bangles in rubies, emeralds, or coloured stones, and achieve that head turning look at any celebration.

Eco – Chic Belle – Lend an eco-friendly, chic twist to your Onam celebrations by opting for printed Kasavu Sarees. Choose from multiple options like a saree with attached Kalamkari border, hand block printed Paisley motifs, or hand painted Lord Krishna designs. Pair your six-yard wonder with painted terracotta jewellery, and you’re ready to make waves with the new-age ethnic look.

Neo – Modern Malayali – Flaunt a classy, film star like look with this style. Opt for a Kerala saree in silk tissue and pair it with a golden blouse in lace, cutwork, or sequins. Accessorize with statement earrings in gold, white stones, and pearl. Keep your neck jewellery free, and let your collar bones do all the style talk.

Desi Keralite – For women who detest the ordeal of having to drape a saree and carrying it with finesse, fashionistas of today have the perfect solution – a salwar set made from the Kasavu Saree. Pick a salwar or Anarkali suit with extensive golden zari work on the body, and pair it with gold jhumkas or Kundan styled jewellery, and rock the royal style with ease.

For The Love of Blue – 5 Sarees to Pick This Season

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We love the colour blue and it is very close to our heart, bearing a prominent place even in our name – Bluelilys. As balmy as the summer sky and as tranquil as the deep sea, this hue however has a myriad of tints and shades that give it varied moods beyond what is obvious. When we add a dash of blue to the attire you love the most – saree – a diverse collection of the six yard wonder in this serene hue is born. From cotton to silk and jute net, these sarees are available in a wide range of materials, and suitable for use across different occasions. Here’s our pick of some unique sarees to make you look lovely this season.

Royal Blue Pure Silk Saree with Zari Border

Nothing is more apt than a pure silk saree with a plain gold zari to bring out the depth and beauty of any colour. When blue blends into this combination, a truly traditional attire with a regal touch takes birth. A self-design paisley body in royal blue, complemented by a rich pallu, makes this saree a must have for that family wedding that is but a few weeks away.






Royal Blue Colour Chanderi Saree

It isn’t every day that you wear the traditional Indian costume to your workplace, unless you work as a teacher or the head of some educational institution. However it’s probably a good idea to take cue from India’s wonder women like Arundhati Bhattacharya or Chanda Kochhar and make saree a part of your professional life too. This light weight Chanderi silk, with its simple design and easy to drape features is just the right pick to get you started.



Sky Blue Colour Soft Jute Net Saree with Attached Golden Thread Border

If you are headed to the ethnic day function in college, and want to make a statement with minimalism, then this saree is just perfect for you. With a plain, sky blue body in soft jute silk, and attached, golden-threadwork border, you are sure to exude oodles of sensuous beauty that is hard to miss. Crafted specially for young ladies who have just begun experimenting their tryst with the six yard wonder.





Royal Blue Kota Silk Saree with Mirror Work

Blue is a colour that complements shimmer well, and so, is an apt pick for any party that happens after the sun has set. This royal blue kota silk saree is exactly what you need to wear to the evening gathering with your friends, family, or colleagues. Studded with mirror work on the entire length, this saree is sure to turn all lights on you and make you a ‘shimmering-star’.


 Blue And Black Combination Cotton Silk Saree with Zari Border

You’ve been wearing saree for ages and love absolutely everything about this attire. You are always on the lookout for something new, and lo and behold, you chance upon this half-and-half saree at Bluelilys.com. Featuring a combination of rich black and sea blue shades, combined with a golden striped border and pallu, this saree is precisely what will add style and charm to your saree-confident self.

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